Each student accepted into a UK degree program will be issued a CAS number. There are a couple of options in order to obtain your visa. You can use an expedited service and UDA can recommend ones that can speedily process your visa for a fee. Or you can attend a British Embassy in your region and obtain the visa. If you are deciding to obtain a visa at the Embassy it can take a couple of weeks to get an appointment. We recommend expedited services for easy and peace of mind.
Once you have your Tier visa you will be able to enter the UK as a student. It will also allow you to work in any business or industry for 20 hours of paid work while you study and is not just restricted to on-site campus work.  Students can expect pay between $10 - $12 and there is a career center at the university who can help locate job opportunities should you need to.



 In addition to scholarship monies, students fund their studies through the US financial aid process.


All Universities that UDA work with allow students to use these services, as they would if the student were completing their degree program in the USA.  


All students will need to show evidence of funds prior to arriving in the UK.  Recruitment Director, Mr Jeff Thompson, will be able to give you valuable advice on the process of obtaining your funding through the US loan service. 

Email: jthompson@udauk.org 

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