A recent IPSOS MORI survey has actually revealed that most employers in the US consider degrees earned in the UK to be the same as or better than those earned in the US.
UK Degrees are internationally recognized and accepted. Most UK degrees do transfer should it be needed into US universities.
The UK has never been more attractive for American students. The UK has many advantages that many prospective US students may not be aware of. 


With over 400 single and combined honours degrees to choose from, there’s a good chance we’ve got just the course for you.


At Cardiff Metropolitan University we offer a wide range of undergraduate ​degree ​courses ac​ro​ss our fiv​e academic schools.​


Our vision is for the University of Hull to be recognized for academic excellence that empowers people to shape the future. 


We’ve got over 100 undergraduate courses for you to choose from, including foundation degrees, undergraduate honours degrees, and more!



1 REAL “Economic Value”


The degree can be as much as 30% difference in total coast to a traditional American degree program. Typical costs for tuition and room and board ranges from £9,000 - £12,000 with living costs £6,000 before scholarships opportunities are calculated. A huge economic value when you add in the extra year of earning income compared to a US degree program where you would be still in the classroom and not earning.

2 REAL “Academic Value”


UK degrees offer specialization and a focus, real academic value, so if you know what you want to study your are already at an advantage compared to a US degree where General Ed requirements are the focus in the first two years of a four year degree.


The UK degrees are focused, intentional, flexible and if needs be transferable* UK degree focus on depth of content with experiential learning opportunities. UK degrees go a mile deep rather than a mile wide- you become an expert in your field of study that is often coupled with real work experience depending on the degree you chose.

3 REAL “Student Experiences” that broaden your skill set across multiple levels.


Studying at an International University gives the opportunity to learn a skill set that you can't get in your native country - global experiences that transcend and culturally connect, travel opportunities that help you build that resume and more importantly that skill set that is relevant for the 21st century. The world becomes your classroom and teacher when you live, work and study abroad as true natives of the country you are in. These “experiences” become your real teacher.

Internationally Recognized and Accepted Around The World.

The director of UDA studied his undergraduate degree in the UK and this lead to a paid Graduate Assistant position in a US university and to Doctoral work. UK degrees open doors.

Degrees that do transfer.


Degrees that do transfer, should it be needed, into US Universities.  If for some reason you need to return to a US University, course work can be applied, but transferability is dependant on the University that you may be applying to.

A One Year Graduate degree program.


UK Graduate degrees can cost half of a graduate program in the US. Students have in many programs the opportunity to do a three year undergraduate degree and add a fourth year to earn a master's degree. This is a huge advantage compared to the traditional route of four year undergraduate and two year Graduate US degree programs.

Students loans and aid are applicable.


Students loans and aid are applicable to UDA’s affiliate universities just as they would be in the US; making access for this opportunity available as well as attractive given the cost of attendance. 

3 plus one earns you a masters!


Earn a Undergraduate and Masters degree in the same time it takes to earn an Undergrad American degree! 



Undergraduate Academic Requirements
UK universities are similar to US universities with different entrance requirements. Most UK universities will use a GPA as a measure and will not require SAT or ACT scores. Also a strong letter of academic recommendation from your school is often needed.
As different universities will have different academic requirements, UDA will use your U-IQ to determine the right program and the right academic program for you. They will help you navigate the acceptance process in order to set you up for acceptance to the University you are seeking.

Graduate Academic Requirements
For those Students seeking a graduate degree each program, similar to undergraduate programs, will have different entrance requirements.  Usually a GPA of a 2.5 is sufficient qualification for certain universities while others may require a minimum of of a 3.0. UDA will use its U-IQ data set to determine the best academic fit for you.
The length of the degree is usually 12 months with a summer working/research internship that can be completed in the UK or back in the US.
Students can chose a research based degree program or taught program depending on their career goals. The research based graduate degree usually takes longer and can be more flexible than a seated graduate program.

Ph.D in the UK
Ph.D studies in the UK are research based. They are more focused and intentional with career goals in mind offering a unique and beneficial way to earn your terminal degree. 
Ph.D studies can be done in much shorter time as the focus in on your research agenda. Those students who have completed  Master’s students can usually gain acceptance into a doctoral program. 
UDA will help you every step of the way to consider what is the most appropriate way forward given your career goals.


Undergraduate Degrees

Tuition £10,000 - £14,000 (depending on course)

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UK Universities for offer some limited scholarships. International scholarships usually range anywhere from £1,200 to £3,000.
UDA will be able to help guide you towards application for scholarships.
 It is recommended that if you are serious about attending the University of your choice you applications is completed prior to February 15th for scholarship consideration. Universities will have a limited pool of resources to offer and will seek candidates that are committed and qualified early in the process. For scholarship offers students must have been offered a place of study.


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